Windows 8 Serial Keys Online Generator

Window 8 Serial Keys Online Generator :

Window 8 Serial Keys : Window 8 finally launched with all new features and having best improvement s in it and all this is because of having a lot of bigs in window 7 . this is new changes that are to seem to be in evolution in this company an this would make people to bend toward to it

“I was fond of using of window  7 but when I came to know about the news that Microsoft is soon going to launch window 8 with all new features and  the user experience having a lot more new things and new trends that would make user to choose this version “

Window 8 Serial Keys

Window 8 Serial Keys

There is flood of users that were bending towards this window version and seeing a lots of story is making that now Microsoft is giving something new that would change their face.


*64 bit

*32 bit

You may  download this version from here and make it your

Window 8 Serial Keys

Here are soe hideen things that would  make to chose thos foryour computer


The start menu

Start menu is the best part which seems to be more creative and have a good user experience .now at one place and this make you easy to access ll the apps


Window 8 Serial Keys

Window 8 Serial Keys

Window defender

You spend thousands of rupees on anti virus just to make your system to be secure and safe but now you are not supposed to spend money because now in window 8 you are able to get more and more advance option in window defender that would make to safe from these kinds of problems which seems to be the best part of window 8.


Screen shot option

Here is the best option that would make you to love it is a screen shot option this would make you to be fond of this app .earlier we are able to take screen shot in mobile phone but now you are able to take it in your laptop also.

Window 8 Serial Keys

Window 8 Serial Keys

Snap your apps

As you may already know, Windows 7 allowed you to snap windows to the side of the screen by clicking and dragging the title bar.

Windows 8 goes one step further, enabling users to dock a Start page app (like Weather or Bing) to the side while you work on the desktop.

Microsoft shutdown pattern

Giving a best option in shutdown you are able to make shutdown very fast and with better user experience.

More app option

now there is no need to access apps on  your mobile because nw you can access your app store from laptop because now Microsoft is giving best all these apps which included in all type of category and make you to be in touch with world.

Easy gesture

They make it more user and UI experience which makes users to bend toward them . The OS supports intuitive simple touch gestures like swiping in from the left to switch apps and swiping in from the right for the Charms menu. Semantic zoom is another big winner. Whether you’re in the Start Screen or a specific app, like the People hub, you can navigate using the pinch-to-zoom gesture to get a high-level view

Best lock option

Microsoft has also given more life to the lock screen in Windows 8. You can select up to seven apps that will constantly run in the background and send notifications to the lock screen.these things were not avalible in window 7 but now user are experncing more and more new things In it and this makes them to be like this window 8..

Share it anywhereWindow 8 Serial Keys

Window 8 Serial Keys

Enter window key and H then you will get to know about new features in it that is you are able to share things on social media without wasting time on browing

Now you can download window 8 free if cost

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Window 8 Serial Keys


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