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Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys has come out with all up to date apps having new features including better browsing experience using keyboard, pan and touchscreen. Office 2013 is available in 40 languages. Each app support new colour coding scheme like green for excel, orange for power point, blue for word.


Office 2013 added new support known as “PDF Reflow” which allows users to open pdf file in Microsoft word and can edit it and save it in any other format which he wants. No need to first convert pdf file into docx.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys


Office 2013 added two new formats Strict open XML and ODF 1.2(open document format 1.2) .Office 2010 allows you to open and read Strict open XML files whereas Office 2013 allows you to even write in this format for the first time.ODF1.
2. It gives better compatibility between Microsoft Office and Libre Office or Open Office but poor compatibility with Office 2007 or 2010 with 2013 because as you save file in Office 2013 with ODF1.2 you can’t open it in Office 2007 or 2010. These new format gives you new ways to share, collaborate and archive your documents.


As you open file in PowerPoint, excel or word you will see a list of your recent documents along with their location for easy browsing along with different templates you can choose from to make your document. You can also download if you want to.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys, activation keys, cd keys, Product Keys Online Generator


Most of the word document we open in our daily routine is just to read whether it is product details, brochure and reports. Office 2013 introduces “read mode” in word 2013 in which you can change the font and size of the rows and also the background colour for better reading experience. In this mode you can easily browse over the internet to look out for meaning of difficult word you find in your document and its pronunciation too just by right clicking on that word.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys


Everybody has gone throw this problem of moving images up and down whenever we edit text in Microsoft word. Solution to this problem comes out in Word 2013 with new layout option by which you can fix the position of image and offers new text wrapping styles. You can lock your image with text also which removes the hassle of placing images at right position.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys


Instead of inserting videos links in your document you can actually insert videos to your document which is more appealing to the user. A thumbnail with play button will flash on the screen which is easy to access.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys, activation keys, cd keys, Product Keys Online Generator


In Office 2013 you can save your data on sky drive which is easy to access, can share your data easily among different users no matter what your location is, It is comparatively more secure than saving data on hard disk. When you use sky drive account to save or open documents then its details will appear on the top left corner of your application screen. You can switch among different accounts according to your choice


Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys

Share option in file menu opens up with all the sharing options available like email, publish as blog and invite people. Document in word, excel, power point saves your last location where you were working before you switched off so next time when you open your document it will start from the point where you had left before.


In Power point 2013 you can easily format pictures just by right click on the image you come across all the format options like shadow, reflection, 3D format and effects. New eyedropper feature is added which copies colour from one object and transfer it to another text or shape to match the colour .You can easily Insert video by searching over you tube. You will experience better presenter view with improved ability to zoom in zoom out of a particular area in the slide.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys


In Excel 2013 making charts in excel is less complicated as compared to previous versions. In this we are available with the option of recommended charts so that you can see your data in different formats and can chose one which you find best along with different options available to make changes in that format also. New Quick Analysis tool is used to analyse a particular portion in different styles like chart, table and totals.


In Outlook 2013 it is easy to switch between mails, calendar and tasks. All these options are available above status bar. You can also setup online lync meetings and can share your presentations, documents from your skydrive account.

Microsoft Office 2013 Serial Keys, activation keys, cd keys, Product Keys Online Generator


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